May 21, 2019

Home Health House Calls: Poison Ivy and Oak

Poison Ivy and Oak-

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Poison Ivy and poison Oak are types of plants that cause Skin rashes.
These plants contain a type of sap oil.
If you’re allergic to this oil, touching one of these plants may cause your skin to react. Within minutes or days, you may have a red, swollen, itchy rash.
You can help prevent a poison oak or poison ivy rash.
Know what these plants look like And then avoid them.
They grow in the form of vines, small plants, and large bushes.
In most cases, poison oak and poison ivy have three leaves per stem.
Watch out for these plants when you go to any outdoor area.
Avoid touching either of these plants.
When heading outdoors Wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt If you are going to a heavily wooded or brushy area.
You should also wear gloves when working outside.
If you are exposed to one of these plants and are allergic Y

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Home Health House Calls: Poison Ivy and Oak

Be aware of poison ivy when outdoors

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – We’re starting to see poison ivy, poison sumac, and poison oak this spring. 22News is working for you on how to identify these plants, and the precautions you can take to save yourself a lot of pain.

These plants cause painful itching and swelling. Being able to identify these plants is key in avoiding them.

Poison ivy is easy to spot; it has three leaves that are distinctly glossy looking. It can be on the ground or wrap around a tree like a vine.
Poison oak and sumac are more shrub like.
The oils of these plants usually take time to penetrate the skin, so if you believe you had contact with these plants; experts say to wash your skin with soap and water.
Max Salvadore, a fisherman from Chicopee, told 22News that he expects running into poison ivy when he takes his kids outdoors, and said he has his own set of precautions.

“I bring my kids in the woods all the time, and when we get home we just take off all the clothes and put them right in the washer machine, hot water. And I don’t get poison ivy too much so it’s been a while since I’ve got it so my precautions must work,” said Max.

Severity and treatment for these poisonous plants depends on the individual, and you are advised to call your doctor if you have a bad reaction or rash.

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Be aware of poison ivy when outdoors

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