November 22, 2019

Helicopter, K9 search for Chelsea Bruck

FLAT ROCK, Mich. –

On Monday morning the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, with help from the Michigan State Police, continued looking for clues to where Chelsea Bruck may be.

Bruck, 22, disappeared after a Halloween party in October 2014. She was wearing a Poison Ivy costume; a costume just like it was found near an abandoned building in Flat Rock on Sunday.

A state police helicopter and K9 team spent hours searching the area on Monday. Police did not say if anything else was found, but did say that search was just one part of their investigation. So far, they have followed up on 650 tips, some of which led to them utilize dive teams to search.

Meanwhile, residents and volunteers started lining the streets, hoping to help.

“We were coming out here to see if they’d let us help, just to see what we could do,” said Jessica Derry.

One man found a cellphone that was turned into police, and a volunteer search crew found what could have been another part of her costume.

Unfortunately, detectives said it was not.

“This case has gone on way too long,” said searcher Dawn Nartker. “This is a small community and it’s important to all of us.”

DNA testing will determine if the costume found is actually Bruck’s, but the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department cautions that although Monday’s search was extensive, it does not necessarily mean they are close to finding Chelsea.

Chelsea’s sister, Kassie Bruck, said after nearly 6 months they’re extremely grateful investigators are still working as hard as they are.

“We were afraid they would stop looking months ago,” Kassie said. “So actually the fact that we’re at 5 ½ months and still having these searches and (they’re) going on leads, it’s not a concern that they’ll stop.”

Despite that, nearly 6 months after her disappearance, Chelsea’s family just wants an answer.

“Easter was very hard,” said Kassie. “I was frustrated. You get angry, but today I’m a little more positive and I’m feeling a little better about the situation. It changes every day.”

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Helicopter, K9 search for Chelsea Bruck

New clue in missing Chelsea Bruck case?

FLAT ROCK, Mich. –

Police said they may have a new clue in the disappearance of 22-year-old Chelsea Bruck, the woman who was last seen at a Halloween party in Frenchtown Township.

Bruck went to the party dressed as the character Poison Ivy. Police said they found what they believe to be a portion of that costume Sunday evening in the area of Peters Road and Vreeland in Flat Rock.

While no other details have been released, police said they are now trying to determine whether the findings are connected to Bruck’s disappearance.

Police have received hundreds of tips since Bruck vanished. Two people have been charged with lying to investigators about the case.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department said in March that there was no evidence that Bruck was hurt or killed, but her Oct. 26 disappearance prompted searches in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

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New clue in missing Chelsea Bruck case?

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