June 16, 2019

Adam Sandler says maid rubbed poison ivy on him as he slept

Washington, May 18 (ANI): Adam Sandler has told of his horror when he discovered that his maid had been rubbing poison ivy on him, to get back at him for having to deal with his soiled underwear.

The 46-year-old comedian apparently had no clue how he had contracted the itchy skin rash, so he turned to his household security camera footage to ensure that he wasn’t sleep walking, Contactmusic reported.

The ‘Big Daddy’ star claimed that he was horrified to discover the reason behind his discomfort.

Sandler told US TV host Jay Leno that it was a horrific event because when you get the rash as a kid it makes sense, but for a man his age, it doesn’t.

The actor asserted that he doesn’t go out in the woods, so he thought maybe he was walking in his sleep.

Sandler said that he put the security camera on himself in his bed to see what he was doing but instead discovered that a housekeeper kept coming in and rubbing poison ivy all over his body while he slept.

He added that when he confronted the maid, she went to the laundry hamper, pulled out his underwear, pointed to the stains and said, ‘That’s why’. (ANI)

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Adam Sandler says maid rubbed poison ivy on him as he slept

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