May 24, 2019

Time to be on the lookout for Poison Ivy

The saying “leaves of three let it be” is a good start to protect yourself from poison ivy but officials say there’s more you need to look for.

When trying to find poison ivy, it can come in all shapes and sizes. Max Glover with the University of Missouri Extension said they can appear in almost any area but you’re most likely to find them in places you don’t keep maintained.

“The conditions in terms of habitat and something for the vein to grow on. It tends to like a shady area and the areas that don’t get mowed frequently are the areas where it shows up the most,” Glover said.

Glover said if you do find poison ivy in your garden or around your house, treating it with chemicals is the best way to kill it, however it may take more than one attempt.

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Time to be on the lookout for Poison Ivy

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