January 25, 2020

Villains to expect in ‘Gotham’ season 2

HARTFORD – So far, Gotham has covered the back stories of quite a few, well-known villains from the Batman comic book series, such as Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Hugo Strange, Two-Face, and Victor Zsasz.

But who can fans expect in Gotham season 2?

Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze

Confirmed by executive producer Danny Cannon, Mr. Freeze, also known as Victor Fries, will be making an appearance with an entirely new back story from the comics. although there is still speculation if this will happen in season two or three.

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter

Recently confirmed by producer John Stephens via the official Gotham Twitter handle, season two will definitely introduce us to Clayface and The Mad Hatter.



For those who aren’t familiar with these two villains, Clayface is said to have a body made out of living mud, with the ability to both shapeshift into anything he pleases, and to melt people just be touching them.  The Mad Hatter is a neuroscientist who places mind control devices in hats to gain control over anyone who wears them.

Season two will also feature the evil outbreaks of both Edward Nygma (The Riddler) and Two-Face, which fans have been anxiously waiting for.

Two Face



The Riddler

The Ogre (Milo Ventimiglia), another Batman villain, will make his first appearance when Gotham season 1 returns on Monday, April 13.

Many fans are still anxiously awaiting the arrival of The Joker, which producers have not done more than hint about, as well as the arrival of Harley Quinn.  There has  been much speculation as to which of the current characters may, in fact, be young versions of the villains, but the Gotham crew is keeping a tight lid on that information.  Fans will just have to keep watching the show to find out!


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Villains to expect in ‘Gotham’ season 2

Hidden Codes Discovered in Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer


Riddle me this.

A number of internet sleuths have spotted and cracked the secret codes hidden within the Batman: Arkham Knight “Gotham is Mine” trailer.

The first, hidden at the 0:07 mark in the trailer, contains a very hard to read code saying 7HLEE2zQl2e.

batman secret code 1

The second code, discovered at the 0:25 mark, reads pPL2a3Mn Ppi3mAMpyL2.

batman secret code 2

So far, the only other code discovered is in one of the final shots of the trailer, at the 1:47 mark that reads c Rcn3n3 N2Jn3tjHn2.

batman secret code 3

When first entered into the Person of Interest field on the official Arkham Knight website, the above codes will bounce, returning with a message saying either “Incorrect password and field. Please decode cipher instructions and use elsewhere” or “Incorrect password. Please decode cipher instructions.”

A number of users on Reddit have been hard at work trying to locate and decipher the codes. User SixSided worked out a system to help crack each of them.

According to Reddit users, when correctly deciphered, the first code translates into “yeah right,” the second into “botanical gardens,” and the third (and so far final) into “your greatest fears.” Each of the codes correspond with the characters featured in the stills where they are placed, i.e., Harley Quinn saying “yeah right,” Poison Ivy’s “botanical gardens,” and main antagonist Scarecrow’s “your greatest fears.” It should be noted that these codes will only work if placed in the correct field on each page. Scroll to additional Person of Interest pages on the website via the small arrow on the right-hand side of the screen.


// only use the determined w/h if non-zero; helps with divs that start hidden
if (jQuery(‘#’+videoDomId).width() + jQuery(‘#’+videoDomId).height() == 0)
swfobject.embedSWF(url, videoDomId, videoDim.width.toString(), videoDim.height.toString(), swfVersionStr, xiSwfUrlStr, flashvars, params, attributes, swfObjectCallback);
swfobject.embedSWF(url, videoDomId, jQuery(‘#’+videoDomId).width().toString(), jQuery(‘#’+videoDomId).height().toString(), swfVersionStr, xiSwfUrlStr, flashvars, params, attributes, swfObjectCallback);

window.open(jQuery(this).attr(“href”), “_parent”);
return false;

When the correctly deciphered codes are entered into the website, each yields a character bio for its corresponding villain.

So far, only three codes have been discovered. Whether or not these are the only ones available in the trailer remains unknown.

Developed by Rocksteady Games, Batman Arkham Knight is the upcoming open-world action game set in the Batman video game franchise. It is scheduled to release on June 2, 2015 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and will be rated M for Mature.


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window.open(jQuery(this).attr(“href”), “_parent”);
return false;

Cassidee is a freelance writer for various outlets around the web. She’s also a massive Batman nerd and is more than happy to talk about it over on Twitter.

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Hidden Codes Discovered in Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

‘Gotham’ Winter Premiere Review: Fun, Failure, and ‘Bed’ Barbara

gotham season 1 gordon thomkins Gotham Winter Premiere Review: Fun, Failure, and Bed Barbara

[This is a review of Gotham S1, E11. It will contain SPOILERS.]

Gotham returns after a brief hiatus, ready to kick off the next chapter in Jim Gordon’s illustrious career: Arkham Asylum. New sets, new faces; same troubled show. Just don’t deny that it’s fun.

In “Rogues Gallery”, written by series story editor Sue Chung, Guard Gordon (Ben Mckenzie) investigates a recent attack on an inmate, which leads to a shocking discovery of experiments being performed. Gordon’s investigation continues as a friend is made in fellow co-worker Dr. Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin), and Gordon taps GCPD’s own Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) – as well as his new boss, Director Dr. Gerry Lang (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.) – to help deal with the case.

Elsewhere, Selina (Camren Bicondova) rescues Ivy (Clare Foley) from the cold, while Maroni (David Zayas) rescues Cobblepot (Robin Taylor) from himself (Robin Lord Taylor). And meanwhile, Barbara Kean (Erin Richards)… lays in bed.

Little Batman (David Mazouz) stole the show with his rooftop-leaping, villain lair-visiting adventure in last year’s finale . As such, this week’s return episode is shackled with the responsibility to prove that this series deserves, yet again, to exist on its own merits. That question is still left unanswered, even after this week’s airing; however, there does seem to be an irrefutable allure to whatever amalgamation of forced television mechanics creator Bruno Hellar is tacking on to the word “Gotham”.

This week’s episode is less a story, more a virtual tour of the impressive sets that Gotham now has – except, it’s always had wonderful set design. An electrical attack is, if anything, an extremely underwhelming premise to use in an obviously archaic mental facility. More importantly: no one is really all that interested. Guard Gordon, as angelic as he may be, is basically forced in to caring about this crime after the few co- workers he has are comfortable simply dismissing it, and it absolutely feels as empty as that. At no point is Gordon’s journey through this story anything more than a few grunts and intense stares, all in an attempt to get home to… nobody. (Apparently his apartment smells, as well.)

gotham season 1 episode 11 gordon Gotham Winter Premiere Review: Fun, Failure, and Bed Barbara

Bringing in Morena Baccarin (Homeland, V) as Arkham’s Dr. Leslie Thompkins is a solid decision, as she’s proven to be able to easily take control as a strong lead, or replace a strong lead who never existed, as is the case here. Barbara, who has the most screen time of all her episode appearances here, is still in bed, while Thompkins is delivering sage wisdom to Guard Gordon. Who is talking to Barbara? Poison Ivy, of course. Somehow they need to make Barbara more than she is, and right now it’s clear they still haven’t figured out that piece of the puzzle yet, to which Baccarin is likely greatful.

Fortunately, we are allotted a very brief moment in “Rogues Gallery” to enjoy the impressive guest stars of this week’s episode – Christopher Heyerdahl as “Electrocutioner” Jack Gruber, and Allyce Beasley as Nurse Dorothy Duncan – before they’re essentially thrown to the side as collateral damage to some great ideal. Hopefully the ideal will be revealed soon (and not be “Batman”), but there’s no point in relying on that. Like in many previous episodes of Gotham – especially in all the successful executions – these seemingly superficial stories can be brought to life by the character actor that’s given the role. You can absolutely see that both Heyerdahl and Beasley are ready to do more than what’s given to them – only nothing more is needed of them. They’re not Gotham; they’re not Gordon; they’re not… Batman. So: where’s the substance?

gotham season 1 episode 11 electrocutioner Gotham Winter Premiere Review: Fun, Failure, and Bed Barbara

Whatever creative direction there is behind this series, there’s clearly a lack of appreciation of the source material, and it’s beginning to make a mess of the overall intention of the series. Gordon doesn’t need to be Batman (in voice); Catwoman doesn’t need to be friends with Poison Ivy (in spirit); Arkham Asylum can exist, and we can visit, without the rent-a-guard treatment. Gordon is simply one piece of a much bigger, more interesting world, and at no point has any of the producers taken the time to establish that, yes, Jim Gordon is actually interesting. (Perhaps he simply isn’t.)

Comic books are 24 pages of beautiful drawings with typically few words. Still, superficial and pompous is something the art form is not – and something Gotham very much is. Comic books simply can’t afford such things. Month after month, year after year, comic book writers have to earn their continued audience, or else the comic dies, or they get fired. They’re told which characters they can and can’t use, and then they’re expected to write an interesting story… simply to exist, and not because of name alone. Why is this show different? Why is Gotham allowed to stand on the shoulders of giants while disregarding the hard work of those who have invested their time in establishing this property?

Bruno Heller can certainly make a show that does well on CBS – as can many people. When it comes to Gotham, however, it feels as if we’re stuck with a bunch of television tropes which viewers must then use their own affinity of the franchise on, in order to make this series enjoyable – which it absolutely can be. Throw out namechecks all your want; burn through all the earned good will; Fox does not care. At some point, though, someone at Warner Bros. Entertainment, parent company of DC Comics as well as Warner Bros.Televisions, who produces this show – including many outstanding ones – is going to have some very good questions that need to be answered.

Gotham continues with “What the Little Bird Told Him” on January 19th, 2015. Watch a preview for the episode, below:

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‘Gotham’ Winter Premiere Review: Fun, Failure, and ‘Bed’ Barbara

The Faces of FOX's Gotham: Children of Gotham

Gotham is still on winter break and our Mondays are a bit more boring right now. As you may or may not know, each week, we’ve been taking look at characters from this large cast and deciding what works and doesn’t work on the FOX series. So far, we’ve covered those who work for the Gotham City Police Department and the crime syndicate of Gotham.

Like many folks that live their whole lives in New York City or Chicago, when you are born into a bustling metropolis, like Gotham, it’s a place you’re going to set down your roots and stay in you’re whole life, so it makes sense to see so many beloved Batman characters as younger versions of themselves in this show.

This week, we’re taking a look at one of the most polarizing parts of this show: the kids. Some people love how they’re included in the show and other side of the coin really isn’t into what’s happening with how the kids are included in the show. Let’s get down to business and find out about all these kids.

Bruce Wayne

Spoiler alert! This little kid is going to become Batman. A young Bruce Wayne saw his parent’s murdered right before his eyes and it changed him from a stuck-up, spoiled child to a stuck-up, spoiled child with a passion for solving crimes. Jokes aside, this junior detective is in a transitional phase where he’s thrusted into adulthood and almost forcing himself to grow up too quick. David Mazouz plays the role of the famed Bruce Wayne.

What’s Working: David Mazouz actually does a really good job with what he has to work with. He’s great in his scenes and fantastic with showing emotion. You know, that thing called acting. He comes of as natural. The moments where Bruce learns about the world are exciting to watch.

What’s Not: The focus of this show went from the cops and crimes in Gotham to “what’s Bruce Wayne up to this week?” The problem has nothing to do with David Mazouz and everything to deal with how unfocused the show can feel at times. His character can be an unbearable as the creative team forces the character onto the screen, week after week.

Conclusion: Sometimes, Bruce is a great edition to each episodes, but sometimes, it feels like the writers threw him on the show just to throw him on the show. The latter half of the season, before the winter break, lots of people warmed up to him.

Selina “Kat” Kyle

Selina Kyle is the girl that grows into the woman Catwoman, Batman’s on-again, off-again, criminal lover. Carmen Bicondova plays the young Selina, who prefers to be called “Cat” or “Kat” by the way. Kat was the only witness, aside from Bruce, to the murder of Martha and Thomas Wayne, in that dark alley. She also spends a lot of time showing Bruce what the real Gotham city is like, which apparently isn’t as scary as you’d think.

What’s Working: Although I was really against Kyle being a witness to the murder, it did lead to some interesting stories for the show. Sadly, that’s about it.

What’s Not: She’s poorly written and forced into almost every episode as to scream to the viewer “Hey! I exist.” I feel bad for the young Carmen Bicondova because the character is bi-polar and all over the place, like seven different people had a hand in her dialogue. It’s like they don’t know what to do with her but demand she be a part of every episode.

Conclusion: I really want to like the character, but she’s directionless and doesn’t really offer the audience anything new. Sure, the more recent episode, where her and Bruce visited the underground, gave viewers insight into some of the underworld, but aside from that, the aren’t writing the character strong enough to pull this much screentime.

Thomas Elliot

Cole Vallis has the job of playing Thomas Elliot, in one episode so far. For those who are unfamiliar with the character, in the comics, he was a friend of Bruce Wayne’s who became a bit obsessed with him. Elliot ended up killing his parents, to be an orphan like Bruce, and a bit later down the road, Elliot became the villain Hush. On Gotham, Elliot is a big jerk bully that can’t stop reminding Bruce his parents are dead. Eventually, Bruce confronts him and give him a couple of right hooks.

What’s Working: He’s only in one episode so far, and the scenes of him were more of a wink and a nudge to fans. However, we do get to see Bruce come up against adversity that he can actually handle and control.

What’s Not: Some folks are not happy with the change of Thomas being a bully right off the bat. They want him to be Bruce’s friend. Personally, I don’t care. It works.

Conclusion: Elliot’s appearance on the show was short but sweet. He was really here to move forward Bruce as a character. Technically, it could have been any character with and name, but it was cool to see Elliot. Here’s to hoping we get to see him a bit more.

Ivy Pepper

Clare Foley plays Ivy Pepper, who will be in 4 episodes this first season. Ivy is the daughter of the man who was wrongfully accused of murdering Thomas and Martha Wayne. Thus far, she’s appeared in two episodes and she’s always are plants. Why? Well, she grows up to become Poison Ivy, we think. The Poison Ivy from the comics is named Pamela Isley, but the signs they’re the same character are all there. Basically, we’re just assuming they are the same character.

What’s Working: Not much. It’s a forced character with a decent backstory that’s never worked with.

What’s Not: Relatively everything. The character serves no real purpose other than a nod at the fans of the comic. Sure, because of the actions of the GCPD on the show, that gives her motivation to become Poison Ivy, but the audience will never see that fully realized. In a world where many shows don’t make it past a second season, the chances of Gotham hitting season 14 and seeing Poison Ivy are 9,999,999/1.

Conclusion: Ivy Pepper, if she actually is Poison Ivy, isn’t just the weakest character in the set of kid actors on the show, she’s the weakest part of the whole cast, right above Selina Kyle.

There you have it! Next week, we’ll be back to take a look at some of the villain of the week characters that have appeared on the show. Remember, Gotham returns from it’s Winter Break to Fox on Jan. 5 at 8/7c. What do you guys think of these characters?

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The Faces of FOX's Gotham: Children of Gotham

'Batman' spin-off villains revealed in latest trailer for TV show 'Gotham' – watch

‘Batman’ spin-off villains revealed in latest trailer for TV show ‘Gotham’ – watch

The Penguin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and The Riddler will feature on Channel 5

'Batman' spin-off villains revealed in latest trailer for TV show 'Gotham' – watch

The latest trailer for small-screen Batman spin-off Gotham has revealed some of the caped crusader’s adversaries before they were famous.

Featured in the teaser for the Warner Bros-produced show, we catch glimpses of a young Poison Ivy, The Penguin (pictured), Catwoman and The Riddler.

The series will draw on the origin story of a pre-Batman Gotham City following the young Commissioner Gordon’s rise through the ranks of the police department and “focus on the unlikely friendship Gordon forms with the young heir to the Wayne fortune” (the just-orphaned Bruce Wayne) in the days of the city before the Dark Knight rises.

Ben Mckenzie (The O.C.) is the young Detective James Gordon (played by Gary Oldman in the Christopher Nolan trilogy) and the cast also includes Donal Logue (Sons Of Anarchy) as Gordon’s partner, Harvey Bullock.

Also starring Jada Pinkett Smith as the town’s crimelord Fish Mooney and Sean Pertwee (Elementary) as Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred, the series will see Gordon navigate the layers of corruption that secretly rule Gotham City – the spawning ground of the world’s most iconic villains, the larger-than-life personas who would become Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler, Poison Ivy, Two-Face and The Joker.

From producer/writer Bruno Heller (The Mentalist, Rome) Gotham premieres in the US on September 22 and will air in the UK on Channel 5 and Demand 5 this autumn.

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'Batman' spin-off villains revealed in latest trailer for TV show 'Gotham' – watch

Clare Foley Teases Poison Ivy's Return in Tonight's 'Gotham' Fall Finale! (JJJ Interview)

We are super pumped for tonight’s all-new Gotham, especially because Clare Foley makes her triumphant return!

The young actress stars as Ivy Pepper, who after being adopted, runs into Bruce (David Mazouz) and Selina (Camren Bicondova) while they evade the assassins chasing them.

We caught up with Clare to get the scoop on how she got the role, her favorite parts of the job, and more. Check it:

Gotham airs TONIGHT, November 24 @ 8PM on Fox!

JustJaredJr: Tell us about how you landed the role and the day you found out you got it!

Clare Foley: I auditioned for Gotham, but I didn’t know I would be playing Poison Ivy. The script was confidential and I just had to go with the sides they gave me with a fake name. I remember it was a Monday when I found out I booked the role. I was doing my homework and my mom was out with one of my brothers. She called and told me I got the part and that it was to play the young Poison Ivy. I was so excited!

JJJ: How much did you know about Poison Ivy and how much did you research?

CF: I knew about Poison Ivy from watching a bunch of different Batman movies and cartoons with my four brothers…my youngest brother loves anything Batman and has a bunch of the Lego Batman sets including one with Poison Ivy. After I found out I got the role, I watched some of the movies and shows again. I also read the very first comic Poison Ivy is introduced in.

Gotham Fall Finale Clip

Click inside to read the rest of our interview with Clare Foley

JJJ: What is your favorite part of playing such an iconic character? Do you feel any pressure?

CF: My favorite part about playing such an iconic character is that I get to show how she gets to a certain place. Although her story as an adult has already been told, how she became who she is, never has been. I don’t feel pressure as I believe I am the first to portray this character as a child.

JJJ: Good point! For people who aren’t familiar with Ivy, what are three words you would use to describe her?

CF: Three words I would use to describe Ivy are…feisty, mysterious, and angry.

JJJ: Ivy’s father was murdered in the pilot. Even though she knew her father was not very nice, is she angry?

CF: Although I can’t reveal much about where the character goes from here, you could tell from the pilot I am not very happy with the Gotham Police!

JJJ: Creator Bruno Heller hinted that Ivy will end up in an orphanage, which is where the original story of Poison Ivy will start to pick up. Are you excited for that?

CF: I am SO excited for everyone to see how Ivy’s story unfolds!

JJJ: What’s been your favorite memory from filming so far?

CF: My favorite memories from filming are really just the beginning…meeting everyone at the table read and starting this journey really felt like something special was happening.

JJJ: Because it’s such a dark and serious show, do you get to have fun or lighten things up in between scenes or off-set?

CF: Yes, in between scenes and off set everybody has fun! This is a really great group of people.

JJJ: You’ve been acting for quite a while now. What’s it like balancing school and work at the same time?

CF: I feel very blessed that my parents and my school have been so supportive of my career. I am tutored on set when I am shooting and keep in touch with my teachers at school via the computer. When I am finished, I jump right back into school.

JJJ: And finally – what do you like to do in your free time?

CF: In my free time, I play sports- soccer, golf, tennis, …play with my brothers. I like to cook, and am interested in fashion and beauty.

Be sure to follow Clare on Twitter at @ClareFoley_ & on Instagram at @ClareFoley123!

Photos: Elise Gannett, Fox

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Clare Foley Teases Poison Ivy's Return in Tonight's 'Gotham' Fall Finale! (JJJ Interview)

Because What ‘Gotham’ Needs Is More Villains: The Scarecrow Is Coming

Batman Begins Scarecrow

Fox’s Gotham has already introduced pre-Batman versions of Penguin, Catwoman, the Riddler, Poison Ivy, Sal Maroni, and Carmine Falcone, with plans to bring on Harvey Dent, Victor Zsasz, and Mr. Freeze in future episodes and clues about the Joker littered throughout. But apparently that’s still not enough.

Executive producer Danny Cannon has just confirmed that the Scarecrow will be making an appearance this season as well. Or, to be more accurate, a child who will one day become the Scarecrow will. Hit the jump for more details on the Scarecrow Gotham episode.

Comic Book Movie reports Cannon spilled the details during an appearance at Comikaze. “We’re breaking the story now. The villain will be seen as a child, before he takes on the Scarecrow moniker,” he said. “In fact, it’s something that will be passed on to him from his father, which will create an eventual enemy for Batman while still having an adversary for Jim Gordon.”

In the comics, Scarecrow is the villainous alter ego of Dr. Jonathan Crane, a psychologist who specializes in phobias. He induces fear in his victims through a combination of drugs and mind games. His only live-action appearance to date has been in the Dark Knight trilogy, where he was played by Cillian Murphy.

Not much is revealed about Crane’s childhood in the comics, so Cannon and his team should have a lot of space to work with. Assuming his Scarecrow is even Crane, that is — as we saw with Ivy Pepper a.k.a. Poison Ivy, he’s not adverse to changing up names and backstories to suit his vision.

On the one hand, the Scarecrow is a fun, classic villain that fans will no likely be pleased to see on the show. On the other, Gotham already has more villains than it seems to know what to do with. Oswald Cobblepot gets some good screentime, but Selina Kyle has little to do on the show besides lurk and Ivy Pepper hasn’t even appeared since the pilot. Is another future baddie really what Gotham needs right now?

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Because What ‘Gotham’ Needs Is More Villains: The Scarecrow Is Coming

‘Gotham’ Extended Trailer Features the Penguin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and the Riddler Before They Were Famous (Video)