February 20, 2020

Poison Ivy More Widespread This Year

JACKSON, Tenn- Summer months mean warmer weather and more outdoor activities; but in some cases it could mean more exposure to poison ivy.

“Leaves of three, let it be,” said David Mercker, a forester at UT Extension. “In other words stand back form it because that’s how we identify poison ivy.”

With the itch-causing vines becoming more widespread this season, avoiding it can be tough.

“It can be through camping, playing, gardening work, or whatever, you can be exposed to it,” said Mercker.

He said while it’s ideal to wear long sleeves and pants while doing outside activities to avoid exposure, that’s not always possible for some. So learning how to identify the plant is a way to take precautions.

Merker said if you think you’ve come into contact with poison ivy, wash the area with soap and water, immediately after exposure.

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Poison Ivy More Widespread This Year

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