February 21, 2020

Calvin’s poison warning

Calvin Klein is apparently trying to deter nosy neighbours with warning signs about “poison ivy and ticks”.

The designer is reportedly determined to prevent interested passers-by from wandering around his $75 million property, which has been under construction for three years. During the summer, curious residents have been looking at the mansion in Southampton, New York, with some even driving past several times.

Insiders have told New York Post that signs have been erected outside the residence warning: “Caution, Poison Ivy and Ticks present: Do Not Enter.”

A representative for the fashion legend has explained Calvin is simply trying to protect his modern new home and ensure people stay safe.

“[Calvin Klein] has always had security at his houses over the years. Yes, there are signs warning of ticks because the deer are rampant out here and people are warning of late of the grave danger Lyme disease presents to anyone exposed,” the spokesman told the publication.

Calvin has also seemingly decided to beef up his security measures. He has hired a team of guards to patrol the grounds, with several men “in crisp white shirts and black pants” stationed at the end of his driveway.

In addition to the watchmen, cameras have also been set up in strategic positions around the estate.

One neighbour has described the minimalist glass and wood mansion as a “fortress”.

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Calvin’s poison warning

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