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Thanksgiving With the Bears

“It’s a fun atmosphere. I come here every year on Thanksgiving”

That’s what Sarah Cheney says of the Roscoe bar Poison Ivy Pub which has been open for Thanksgiving for the last fourteen years. But this time she says the atmosphere was a little different compared to other years.

“It’s a little more energized I think.”

This because the Bears played against Detroit on Thanksgiving for the first time since 1999.

“It’s kind of fun that it’s the Bears Lions today. I’ve seen a lot of people wearing their Bears jerseys even though it’s Thanksgiving. They still get dressed up for their team,” said Cheney

And, the owner of Poison Ivy, Steve Quies, says Bear fans were not the only ones at the bar.

“We got a lot of people that come in that have family or may not have family in the area.”

Quies says Thanksgiving Day is usually a busy day for him.

“Pretty decent crowd on Thanksgiving it’s kind of all day long just trickle in-out. People stop for a short period and go to their family outings or afterwards they come here. We have several groups that come in after their dinners at their homes. Its been their tradition every year.”

And, while this year was different the Bears game was all too familiar — another loss.

“Big bears fan been following them for years. Little rough this year being a Bear fan but like all Bear fans we’re hanging in there,” said Quies.

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Thanksgiving With the Bears

'Batman' spin-off villains revealed in latest trailer for TV show 'Gotham' – watch

‘Batman’ spin-off villains revealed in latest trailer for TV show ‘Gotham’ – watch

The Penguin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and The Riddler will feature on Channel 5

'Batman' spin-off villains revealed in latest trailer for TV show 'Gotham' – watch

The latest trailer for small-screen Batman spin-off Gotham has revealed some of the caped crusader’s adversaries before they were famous.

Featured in the teaser for the Warner Bros-produced show, we catch glimpses of a young Poison Ivy, The Penguin (pictured), Catwoman and The Riddler.

The series will draw on the origin story of a pre-Batman Gotham City following the young Commissioner Gordon’s rise through the ranks of the police department and “focus on the unlikely friendship Gordon forms with the young heir to the Wayne fortune” (the just-orphaned Bruce Wayne) in the days of the city before the Dark Knight rises.

Ben Mckenzie (The O.C.) is the young Detective James Gordon (played by Gary Oldman in the Christopher Nolan trilogy) and the cast also includes Donal Logue (Sons Of Anarchy) as Gordon’s partner, Harvey Bullock.

Also starring Jada Pinkett Smith as the town’s crimelord Fish Mooney and Sean Pertwee (Elementary) as Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred, the series will see Gordon navigate the layers of corruption that secretly rule Gotham City – the spawning ground of the world’s most iconic villains, the larger-than-life personas who would become Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler, Poison Ivy, Two-Face and The Joker.

From producer/writer Bruno Heller (The Mentalist, Rome) Gotham premieres in the US on September 22 and will air in the UK on Channel 5 and Demand 5 this autumn.

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'Batman' spin-off villains revealed in latest trailer for TV show 'Gotham' – watch

Clare Foley Teases Poison Ivy's Return in Tonight's 'Gotham' Fall Finale! (JJJ Interview)

We are super pumped for tonight’s all-new Gotham, especially because Clare Foley makes her triumphant return!

The young actress stars as Ivy Pepper, who after being adopted, runs into Bruce (David Mazouz) and Selina (Camren Bicondova) while they evade the assassins chasing them.

We caught up with Clare to get the scoop on how she got the role, her favorite parts of the job, and more. Check it:

Gotham airs TONIGHT, November 24 @ 8PM on Fox!

JustJaredJr: Tell us about how you landed the role and the day you found out you got it!

Clare Foley: I auditioned for Gotham, but I didn’t know I would be playing Poison Ivy. The script was confidential and I just had to go with the sides they gave me with a fake name. I remember it was a Monday when I found out I booked the role. I was doing my homework and my mom was out with one of my brothers. She called and told me I got the part and that it was to play the young Poison Ivy. I was so excited!

JJJ: How much did you know about Poison Ivy and how much did you research?

CF: I knew about Poison Ivy from watching a bunch of different Batman movies and cartoons with my four brothers…my youngest brother loves anything Batman and has a bunch of the Lego Batman sets including one with Poison Ivy. After I found out I got the role, I watched some of the movies and shows again. I also read the very first comic Poison Ivy is introduced in.

Gotham Fall Finale Clip

Click inside to read the rest of our interview with Clare Foley

JJJ: What is your favorite part of playing such an iconic character? Do you feel any pressure?

CF: My favorite part about playing such an iconic character is that I get to show how she gets to a certain place. Although her story as an adult has already been told, how she became who she is, never has been. I don’t feel pressure as I believe I am the first to portray this character as a child.

JJJ: Good point! For people who aren’t familiar with Ivy, what are three words you would use to describe her?

CF: Three words I would use to describe Ivy are…feisty, mysterious, and angry.

JJJ: Ivy’s father was murdered in the pilot. Even though she knew her father was not very nice, is she angry?

CF: Although I can’t reveal much about where the character goes from here, you could tell from the pilot I am not very happy with the Gotham Police!

JJJ: Creator Bruno Heller hinted that Ivy will end up in an orphanage, which is where the original story of Poison Ivy will start to pick up. Are you excited for that?

CF: I am SO excited for everyone to see how Ivy’s story unfolds!

JJJ: What’s been your favorite memory from filming so far?

CF: My favorite memories from filming are really just the beginning…meeting everyone at the table read and starting this journey really felt like something special was happening.

JJJ: Because it’s such a dark and serious show, do you get to have fun or lighten things up in between scenes or off-set?

CF: Yes, in between scenes and off set everybody has fun! This is a really great group of people.

JJJ: You’ve been acting for quite a while now. What’s it like balancing school and work at the same time?

CF: I feel very blessed that my parents and my school have been so supportive of my career. I am tutored on set when I am shooting and keep in touch with my teachers at school via the computer. When I am finished, I jump right back into school.

JJJ: And finally – what do you like to do in your free time?

CF: In my free time, I play sports- soccer, golf, tennis, …play with my brothers. I like to cook, and am interested in fashion and beauty.

Be sure to follow Clare on Twitter at @ClareFoley_ & on Instagram at @ClareFoley123!

Photos: Elise Gannett, Fox

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Clare Foley Teases Poison Ivy's Return in Tonight's 'Gotham' Fall Finale! (JJJ Interview)

'Gotham' Season 1 Spoilers: Is Catwoman Afraid Of Poison Ivy? Watch 4 Sneak Peek Videos For The Fall Finale, 'Lovecraft'


'Gotham' Season 1 Spoilers: Is Catwoman Afraid Of Poison Ivy? Watch 4 Sneak Peek Videos For The Fall Finale, 'Lovecraft'

Gotham Reveals Eight Minutes of Footage from the Midseason Finale

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Gotham Reveals Eight Minutes of Footage from the Midseason Finale

Q+A: Bombshell Angelica Bridges talks ‘Hollywood Bombshells’ at Planet Hollywood


Jim Creighton

Angelica Bridges stars in “Hollywood Bombshells” at Sin City Theater in Planet Hollywood.

Redhead and former “Baywatch” beauty Angelica Bridges, who has just landed the role of Poison Ivy in the new TV series “Batgirl Rises,” admits that she was a rookie when she first came to the Strip to host the topless show “Fantasy” at the Luxor.

“Now I have more wisdom and experience. I only had two weeks to prepare for ‘Fantasy.’ It was an amazing experience, but I was a rookie. Now I’ve graduated more as a woman,” she told me as we talked about her new show “Hollywood Bombshells” opening Dec. 11 at Planet Hollywood’s Sin City Theater.

I had to ask if she thought of herself as a bombshell. “It’s not just a physical thing. It’s a woman who knows what she wants — a fiery multi-tasker,” she replied. “Somebody who is substantial, not just pretty.

“It’s not just the looks and the curves. It’s a woman who can be smart, funny and comes with wit, brains and intelligence — so I do think of myself as one.”

Angelica will work with comedienne Kathleen Dunbar as her mother in the show, plus eight hot dancers. Rehearsals start in a week, and Angelica is training for her own aerial choreography.

“In terms of glamorous bombshells from past movies, you think of Raquel Welch in ‘One Billion B.C.’ or Jane Fonda in ‘Barbarella,’ ” she continued. “Today it’s more about Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani and Madonna.

“But I’m going to bring them to life. The movie of Raquel comes to life, and you’ll see me in that Stone Age costume. Funny enough, 10 years ago I shot a magazine spread as Raquel in that very outfit.

“We have the bombshell icons from the ’30s right up to today, from Marilyn Monroe onward. And who better than me to replicate the sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit? Wasn’t she the ultimate redheaded sex goddess?

“I don’t quite have her curves. She was made for men to desire, and I want to bring that to life. She was a bombshell fantasy, and I will take that up to another level. I’ll even sing the ‘Roger Rabbit’ song.”

Angelica headlined at “Fantasy” from February to July 2010.

“ ‘Hollywood Bombshells’ is a much bigger role for me than ‘Fantasy.’ I’m singing and dancing this time. It’s amazing coming back to Las Vegas. This is my town. I loved it before and missed it, its energy and the people. So returning for a new show is a total joy.”

Angelica also is excited about her role as Poison Ivy in Universal TV’s new series “Batgirl Rises.” In “Batman & Robin,” it was Uma Thurman who played Poison Ivy.

“We’ve worked it out so that on my two free days a week in Las Vegas, I’ll fly to Los Angeles to shoot my scenes and then fly back,” she explained. Angelica’s credits also include Red Sonja in “Conan the Adventurer” and Sugar Jones in “Veronica Mars.”

While singing at Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla., Angelica was discovered by the president of Elite Model Management. She became the lead singer of the pop group Strawberry Blonde. Standing 5’ 8 ½” and measuring 35-24-35, Angelica played the role of Lt. Taylor Walsh on “Baywatch” in 1997 and 1998 and reprised the role in 2003’s “Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding.”

The actress, model and singer from Missouri was Playboy’s cover girl and center spread in November 2001. Twice she was named to FHM magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World list (1998 and 2003).

Solely in the interests of reporter research, I had to ask if the new production would be a topless challenger to the Strip scene.

“It will be even sexier,” said Angelica. “It’s not topless but what we call partial nudity. We’ve got the fishnet thigh-highs and the see-through blouses. You will easily see what it takes to be a bombshell without it all being right smack in your face. What’s left to the imagination is even sexier!

“It’s a physical show, and the dancers are spectacular. Guys will love it, and their women will enjoy it and learn how to be a bombshell in their own right. There’s a little bomb in every woman just waiting to go off, and this will set the fuse alight.

“It’s a unique show with lots of differences from what’s been on the Strip. It’s very exciting, and I can’t wait to get started. We’re going to bring back all the excitement of bombshell glamour.

“We’ll go beyond just a 10! Our mission is take your breath away and rekindle that love affair you had with your very own first Hollywood bombshell. That’s something you never forget, and our show will be the same.”

Robin Leach has been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the past decade giving readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum playground.

Follow Robin Leach on Twitter at Twitter.com/Robin_Leach.

Follow Vegas DeLuxe on Twitter at Twitter.com/vegasdeluxe.

Follow Sun A&E Senior Editor Don Chareunsy on Twitter at Twitter.com/VDLXEditorDon.

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Q+A: Bombshell Angelica Bridges talks ‘Hollywood Bombshells’ at Planet Hollywood

Two-Face Is Not Ready for His Close-Up, Gotham

Nine episodes into Gotham, the show has done a relatively savvy job of building its world for viewers, fleshing out the throwback versions of established Batman characters it introduced in the pilot. There are a lot of people to account for: Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Jim Gordon, Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler, even Poison Ivy (though she hasn’t showed up again). So why, why, why, so early on in the season, do we need to get a half-baked take on Harvey Dent, who will one day become Two-Face? His portrayal played into all of Gotham’s worst impulses: Everyone seemed to be winking madly at the audience for every second he was onscreen.

“Harvey Dent! You know, one day he’ll be Two-Face!” the show, essentially, screamed as Nicholas D’Agosto stalked around flipping a coin about as much as he possibly could. Dent has been portrayed a variety of ways over the years—there’s Tommy Lee Jones’s vaudevillian psychotic of Batman Forever, Aaron Eckhart’s fallen hero in The Dark Knight, the truly coin-focused crime boss of the ‘90s animated series, etc. D’Agosto is making the slightly unusual choice of lending him an unhinged air before his face is even scarred. His Harvey Dent screams in the faces of criminals maybe a little too gleefully, perhaps suggesting he’s halfway to schizophrenic even before any gruesome injuries.

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Gotham‘s Big Prequel Problem

I’ve feared the introduction of famous Batman villains since Gotham kicked off, because it’s one area where the show has struggled to strike a consistent tone. The characterization of the Penguin so far has been great, and lil’ Catwoman is hard not to like, but every time the future Riddler pokes his cackling head into the frame, I groan and wonder how the show’s writers plan on ever making him intimidating.

D’Agosto is not my favorite actor, but I recently enjoyed his work as Ethan Haas in Masters of Sex. Still, he’s an odd choice for Dent, lacking that character’s inherent magnetism. Even Tommy Lee Jones, slathered in purple makeup for Joel Schumacher’s cartoon vision of Batman’s rogues gallery, played him like a showy Southern lawyer gone off the deep end, down to his mellifluous monologuing. Every time Gotham takes a chance on an established villain, it needs to find a unique spin that leaves an impression, and so far this isn’t it. I continue to dread the Joker’s introduction, although I imagine that won’t come until the end of season one at the absolute earliest.

Probably the most compelling plot in “Harvey Dent” had nothing to do with Harvey Dent at all, but with Bruce Wayne’s burgeoning friendship with little Catwoman. By the way, with Dent introduced as an adult, it’s clear that everyone’s ages on this show are going to be out of sync with typical Batman chronology, and I’m fine with that. The more Gotham wants to mess with tradition, the better off it’ll be, since then it won’t just be telegraphing the same plot twists fans have been enjoying since they were children. So if Dent is a grown-up when Batman and Catwoman are teenagers, I can deal with that.

Alfred is trying to teach Bruce how to fight to toughen him up, but Catwoman knows there’s more to winning fights than simple boxing skills, and she gives Bruce a real runaround after Jim Gordon drops her off at Wayne Manor (for some reason). There’s a cute romantic element to their partnership that just manages to skirt being corny by virtue of their chemistry.

This Harvey Dent screams in the faces of criminals maybe a little too gleefully.

I generally like the idea of Catwoman’s corrupting influence on a young Bruce—if he’s staying in Gotham, Alfred’s boxing lessons aren’t going to be enough to turn him into a bat-costumed crime-fighter. Batman’s push and pull with Catwoman, who stands on the other side of the law while sharing a lot of his values, has always been an important one in the Batman universe, so I approve of the show getting to work on that early. Plus, it’ll give Bruce more to do than just mope around the manor getting his hair ruffled by his earnest butler.

You’ll note I’m skirting the actual crime of the week on this week’s episode. That’s because it was by far the weakest of Gotham’s crime plots to date. Perhaps our cops needed a week off from the real tough stuff after all they’ve been through with Carmine Falcone and Sal Maroni. Even Penguin and Fish were rather sedate as they continued to set up their plans for citywide domination. But on a show that has made an effort to carefully build out its world, “Harvey Dent” felt like the first huge misstep. Here’s hoping it was just a bad first impression.

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Two-Face Is Not Ready for His Close-Up, Gotham

St. Francis, Stop & Shop team up to open FastCare in Simsbury

H1N1 vaccine closeup

Going to the supermarket and getting treated for poison ivy are not going to be mutually exclusive things.

St. Francis and Stop & Shop are teaming up to open FastCare centers in supermarkets in the Hartford area. The Simsbury store will open this week, and another will open in the Manchester store later in the year.

According to the press release:

The clinic will provide care for common, non-urgent illnesses and ailments such as cold and flu symptoms; administration of flu and shingles vaccines, along with standard vaccinations for adults and children; ear infections, insect bites, poison ivy, minor sunburn, ear wax removal, sinus infection, and sore throat. On-site tests for rapid strep, urinalysis, urine pregnancy test, monospots and TB skin tests will also be available.

Patients over 18 months old can be treated in the facilities. If symptoms are beyond what the clinic can treat, the patient will be referred to a doctor.

The cost of the visit is $79, including basic labs.

The hours for the clinic in Simsbury will be

  • Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
  • Holidays (except Easter and Christmas) 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

No appointments are necessary. Facilities are staffed by Advanced Practice Registered Nurses  who are licensed to prescribe medications.

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St. Francis, Stop & Shop team up to open FastCare in Simsbury


Chelsea Ellen Bruck was last seen leaving a crowded Halloween party around 3:00am on October 26th, 2014 in Newport, Michigan.

The 22-year-old was dressed as the Batman character ‘Poison Ivy’ wearing black yoga pants, ivy leaves and a dark wig. Police have released the sketch below of a man with whom witnesses say Bruck was last seen before she vanished. However, the man has not yet been identified and police have not named him a suspect in her disappearance.

Monroe Police have also identified and spoken with four men who were wearing orange security shirts at the party, but have not said if any of them is possibly connected to the case. Police said there may have been more than 800 people at the party, and they are interested in any information from those who may have seen Chelsea there.

The Facebook group, Help Find Chelsea Bruck, has already gained more than 6,500 members. Hundreds of volunteers are continuing to comb the cornfields and wooded areas surrounding the property where she was last seen, but so far have not turned up any new clues.

“This is 100% uncharacteristic, it’s not anything she would do,” Bruck’s sister, Kassandra, told local NBC affiliate NBC 24. “She even told my mom, ‘I’m not staying long. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.’ This has just broken my parents.”

A prayer vigil is being held tonight, November 3rd, starting at 5:45pm at Monroe’s Loranger Square. Participants are asked to arrive between 5:00pm and 5:30pm.

Chelsea is 5’7” tall, 140 lbs. with blonde hair, green eyes, and a small anchor tattoo behind her right ear. Anyone with information that could help in Chelsea’s case is asked to call the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office at (734) 240-7700, or the Monroe county Central Dispatch at (734) 243-7070.

First published November 3 2014, 10:59 AM

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Because What ‘Gotham’ Needs Is More Villains: The Scarecrow Is Coming

Batman Begins Scarecrow

Fox’s Gotham has already introduced pre-Batman versions of Penguin, Catwoman, the Riddler, Poison Ivy, Sal Maroni, and Carmine Falcone, with plans to bring on Harvey Dent, Victor Zsasz, and Mr. Freeze in future episodes and clues about the Joker littered throughout. But apparently that’s still not enough.

Executive producer Danny Cannon has just confirmed that the Scarecrow will be making an appearance this season as well. Or, to be more accurate, a child who will one day become the Scarecrow will. Hit the jump for more details on the Scarecrow Gotham episode.

Comic Book Movie reports Cannon spilled the details during an appearance at Comikaze. “We’re breaking the story now. The villain will be seen as a child, before he takes on the Scarecrow moniker,” he said. “In fact, it’s something that will be passed on to him from his father, which will create an eventual enemy for Batman while still having an adversary for Jim Gordon.”

In the comics, Scarecrow is the villainous alter ego of Dr. Jonathan Crane, a psychologist who specializes in phobias. He induces fear in his victims through a combination of drugs and mind games. His only live-action appearance to date has been in the Dark Knight trilogy, where he was played by Cillian Murphy.

Not much is revealed about Crane’s childhood in the comics, so Cannon and his team should have a lot of space to work with. Assuming his Scarecrow is even Crane, that is — as we saw with Ivy Pepper a.k.a. Poison Ivy, he’s not adverse to changing up names and backstories to suit his vision.

On the one hand, the Scarecrow is a fun, classic villain that fans will no likely be pleased to see on the show. On the other, Gotham already has more villains than it seems to know what to do with. Oswald Cobblepot gets some good screentime, but Selina Kyle has little to do on the show besides lurk and Ivy Pepper hasn’t even appeared since the pilot. Is another future baddie really what Gotham needs right now?

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Because What ‘Gotham’ Needs Is More Villains: The Scarecrow Is Coming

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