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Theresa’s ‘Challenge’ Confession: Allergies In Thailand Made Me Blow Up Like A Big Red Balloon

Theresa’s ‘Challenge’ Confession: Allergies In Thailand Made Me Blow Up Like A Big Red Balloon


If you’re allergic to bees, you steer clear of their hives, and unless you’re a camp counselor, sidestepping poison ivy is usually easy enough. But there are certain little venoms that are tough to avoid, and Theresa bore the brunt of her medical sensitivities on her last “Challenge” outing. During “Rivals II” filming in Thailand, Jasmine‘s partner, who’s allergic to coconut and MSG, naturally came into contact with both, and by the time everything was said and done, she was rushed to the hospital in pretty embarrassing condition.

“My face blew up like a big red balloon,” the “Free Agents” cast member recalls in our latest “Challenge” Confessions clip. “It was not a comfortable situation, so I ate carrots and peanut butter for almost the entire time.” Well, just be glad you’re not allergic to spiders, too, girl — as Coral proved way back on “The Gauntlet,” arachnids can do some real damage to your chances at first place. Make sure to have that EpiPen ready either way!

Listen to Theresa relive the horror of her swelling, and be sure to see her in action when “Free Agents” premieres on Thursday, April 10 at 10/9c

Photo: Ian Spanier


Theresa’s ‘Challenge’ Confession: Allergies In Thailand Made Me Blow Up Like A Big Red Balloon

Focus 2014 Part 2: An itch to innovate sparked Tec Labs

Evelyn Smith of Corvallis had two things in 1962 that helped to change the world: small children and a yard full of poison oak.

The wife of chemist Robert Smith, a former executive with Mead Johnson, Evelyn was tired of the two youngest of her five children coming in from the yard and developing itchy rashes. So she went out one day and, barehanded, yanked up each plant.

She cleaned up with a waterless skin cleanser originally meant to remove the radioactive dust from nuclear fallout. It had been sitting around the house since Robert had invented it. Afterward, she told a neighbor about her efforts.

The neighbor wanted to know: Did the poison oak affect her, too?

Actually, Evelyn said, it hadn’t. Later, she told her husband about the yardwork and mentioned the cleanser.

According to Tec Labs lore, Robert initially brushed off the whole incident as a case of “puny” poison oak, not nearly as potent as the plants in their native Iowa. To prove it, he rubbed a patch on his arm.

Gary Burris, Tec Labs’ director of public relations, doesn’t have on record whether Robert ended up saying anything along the lines of, “I’m sorry, dear, you were right.”

But his arm did break out in a rash. And he did test the cleanser on a new patch of skin.

And that’s how Tec Labs’ signature product, Tecnu, was born.

Robert found the product kept the oil in both poison oak and poison ivy from bonding with skin, which meant it not only kept the rash from spreading, but could keep it from forming in the first place.

Out of the garage

Over the next nearly four decades, Tecnu helped Tec Laboratories grow from its home in the Smith garage in Corvallis to a 58,000-square-foot building in Albany. It now employs 35 people full time; more during the summer season.

The pharmaceutical manufacturer now has six products under the flagship Tecnu brand, and another three under its increasingly popular LiceFreee line.

Burris estimates Tec Labs has sold some 53.3 million units of its various products since 1977, and can find its products in more than 47,000 stores. Chief Executive Officer Steve Smith — Robert’s son and brother of Vernon Smith, the company’s vice president of operations — is proud to note at least one Tec Labs product is on the shelf of every chain drug store in the United States.

Steve Smith is careful about giving away any plans for future products, but the company is always on the lookout for new ideas.

Anytime Tec Labs hears from a customer who’s pleased with one of its products, Steve said, “We’ll ask, ‘What other problems do you have?’ We’ll see if there’s an opportunity there. Sometimes there is, sometimes there isn’t.”

Burris said every employee who goes to a conference or a trade show is asked to come back with a list of 10 ideas, maybe about something impressive they saw, or maybe about a perceived gap in possible service.

Regulatory Affairs Director Wendy Langley is one of those employees, although her idea came from first-hand experience.

In the late 1990s, Langley was among moms struggling with the bane of elementary school classrooms everywhere: head lice.

Available products at that time were runny, smelled like bug spray and didn’t even work, as far as Langley was concerned. “I thought there just had to be another way.”

Research took her to a folk remedy centered on sodium chloride: table salt. She worked to formulate the salt into a gel that would hold its place on a child’s head, a concoction that became LiceFreee.

The product immediately took off, but Langley didn’t stop thinking about ways to improve. A spray-on solution would be even easier to use, she thought, and might even work more effectively.

“And I tried it in the lab, and it did, and I thought, cool,” she remembered. Three years ago, LiceFreee hit the market.

Poison oak is a North American peeve, Steve Smith said, but lice is a problem worldwide. That’s part of the reason he’s working on taking Tec Labs solutions to an international level.

Burris said Tec Labs builds its whole culture on looking at the big picture, both for the care of its customers and its employees.

“The one thing we do is look at problems that are driving everyone crazy, that we can solve better than anyone else has,” he said. “We’re looking at symptom-driven ailments. If we can solve it better, for a good price, it really is amazing to people.”

It all goes back to Evelyn, he said: “If it wasn’t for a mom trying to protect her kids, we wouldn’t be here today.”

Contact Jennifer Moody at jennifer.moody@lee.net.

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Focus 2014 Part 2: An itch to innovate sparked Tec Labs

Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate


made his first appearance on March 30, 1939, in

Detective Comics #27

, created and drawn by 22-year-old Bob Kane and written by Bill Finger. The character did so well that a year later, the first issue devoted exclusively to Batman hit the stands, featuring the Joker and Catwoman.

DC Entertainment is launching a year-long celebration of the Caped Crusader, and for The Dark Knight’s 75th birthday, we’ve gathered 16 vintage covers from their vault to share with you.

PEOPLE also spoke to DC Comics co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee about their preferred Batman artists, which Batman villain is their favorite, and Will Arnett’s performance as Batman in The LEGO Movie.

Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate| Batman

Detective Comics #27, 1939, the first appearance of Batman, drawn by Bob Kane

Courtesy DC Entertainment

Which artist has drawn your favorite Batman?

“Since Jim’s doing

Superman Unchained

, I’m safe to name another Batman artist. We have a lot of great artists working on Batman these days, but I really love how

Greg Capullo


Scott Snyder

‘s stories to life in our flagship



Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate| Batman

Batman #1, 1940, the first appearance of the Joker and Catwoman, drawn by Bob Kane

Courtesy DC Entertainment


“It’s really hard for me to choose one artist because I’ve been reading Batman comics my entire life, so many artists appeal to me for different reasons, depending on what was going on in my life at the time.”

Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate| Batman

Batman #20, 1943, drawn by Dick Sprang

“For classic Batman in the 1940s I like Dick Sprang, during the 1960 & ’70s Neal Adams, and during the 1980s Frank Miller. At the time Miller’s take on Batman appealed to my just-turned-21 sensibilities. In the modern era, since Dan already said Capullo, I’ll say

Lee Bermejo

. His aesthetic and realistic take on Batman is just stunning.”

Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate| Batman

Batman #65, 1951, drawn by J. Winslow Mortimer

Courtesy DC Entertainment

Which Batman storyline has been your favorite?

“I like any story that involves Ra’s al Ghul.”

Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate| Batman

Detective Comics #31, 1939, drawn by Bob Kane

Courtesy DC Entertainment


“Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s

Batman: Year One


Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate| Batman

Batman #50, 1948, drawn by Bob Kane

Courtesy DC Entertainment

Who’s your favorite Batman villain?

“Two-Face is my favorite villain.”

Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate| Batman

Batman #181, 1966, first appearance of Poison Ivy, dran by Carmine Infantino

Courtesy DC Entertainment


“I should say Hush, but my real favorite villain is also from that story. It’s Superman, when he was under Poison Ivy’s control, because at the end of the day there’s no greater villain than a friend gone bad.”

Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate| Batman

Detective Comics #244, 1957, drawn by Sheldon Moldoff

Courtesy DC Entertainment

Which actor do you think has done the best Batman?

“Michael Keaton was the best Bruce Wayne and Christian Bale had the best Batman physique.”

Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate| Batman

Detective Comics #69, 1942, drawn by Jerry Robinson

Courtesy DC Entertainment


“Most people say Christian Bale, but Val Kilmer’s performance is very underrated – he was both a good Bruce Wayne and Batman.”

Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate| Batman

Batman #190, 1967, drawn by Carmine Infantino

Courtesy DC Entertainment

Did you see The Lego Movie? What did you think of Will Arnett’s performance as Batman?

“I thought Will Arnett ‘kept it together’ very nicely.”

Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate| Batman

Batman #179, 1966, drawn by Gil Kane

Courtesy DC Entertainment


I loved the movie. Will Arnett was awesome. Frankly,

‘everything was awesome’


Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate| Batman

Batman #121, 1958, first appearance of Mr. Freeze, drawn by Curt Swan

Courtesy DC Entertainment

How do you think Batman would celebrate his 75th birthday?

“Probably by prowling the streets of Gotham.”

Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate| Batman

Batman #59, 1950, drawn by Lew Sayre Schwartz

Courtesy DC Entertainment


“Batman would celebrate at Arkham Asylum, I hear they throw


parties there.”

Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate| Batman

Batman #37, 1946, drawn by Jerry Robinson

Courtesy DC Entertainment

DC Entertainment is also partnering with thousands of comic retailers, book stores and libraries for “Batman Day” on Wednesday, July 23. Each location will host a Batman 75th anniversary celebration and offer fans a free, special edition Batman comic.

Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate| Batman

World’s Best Comics #1, 1941, drawn by Fred Ray

Courtesy DC Entertainment

2014 is also a banner year for Batman in Hollywood: Shooting begins this year on Zack Snyder’s

untitled Batman/Superman film

, which unites the famous characters on screen for the first time ever. Henry Cavill will be reprising his role as Superman, and

Ben Affleck


donning the cape and cowl as Batman

. The film will be released in 2016.

Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate| Batman

Batman #16, 1943, drawn by Jerry Robinson

Courtesy DC Entertainment

So get ready, Bat-fans. It’s gonna be a long, amazing year.

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Batman Turns 75: 16 Amazing Vintage Batman Covers to Celebrate

Bollywood Veggies – Singapore's very own farm and countryside

A Guide to Bollywood Veggies

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1513-Copy.JPGBollywood Veggies

This week, as part of our Singapore exploration series, we’ve made the trip the Bollywood Veggies to see if its worth the visit for Singaporeans.

With the daily hustle and bustle of city life in Singapore, we often lament on the lack of weekend getaway spots in Singapore where we can just unwind and recharge ourselves. Well, wonder no more, for we are here to introduce a potential hidden gem nestled in the Kranji countryside, surrounded by fresh air as well as various tangibles and intangibles that can’t be found back in the city.

About Bollywood Veggies

Bollywood Veggies is a sanctuary away from the bustle of the Little Red Dot. Set in the rustic environment of the Northwest Kranji countryside, visiting is a step back to Singapore’s lush history.

This haven was started by Mrs. Ivy Singh-Lim and Mr. Lim Ho Seng, two people who worked in the corporate world for many years. Instead of retiring, they decided to invest in farming. With the help of then Minister of State for National Development Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, these two farm-preneurs realised their vision of life on a functioning farm in Singapore. In 2000, their 10-acre farm opened its gates to the public.

The name “Bollywood” comes from Ivy’s heritage and her love of singing and dancing. Over the years, the farm has evolved into a successful attraction, with more than 100 varieties of plants being grown on the farm, including native fruits that are rarely used in popular foods today. Here’s a fun fact: Bollywood Veggies is the largest producer of bananas in Singapore, and they have a large variety of bananas which is hard to find elsewhere.

Exploring Bollywood Veggies

We were greeted by cheerful staff and vibrant greenery all around the moment we entered. An interesting note is how the couple has made a point to hire many special and disadvantaged people, especially local Singaporeans, to help them operate the farm and bistro. They wanted to help provide them with work opportunities.

I had the chance to meet one of the warriors, May, who welcomed us at the entrance and introduced us to the place. May also has her own pushcart where she sells farm produce and little handmade trinkets made by her, so do support her if you pass by her cart!

The farm is run using sustainable methods with no pesticides nor fertilizers used on site, effectively making it an organic, planet-friendly operation. It makes use of resource-saving techniques such as rain-collection ponds, irrigation canals and chemical-free agriculture.

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1520-Copy.JPGOne of the structures at the entranceOne of the structures at the entrance welcoming us in.b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1522-Copy.JPGSignboard-1b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1654-Copy.JPGSignboard-2

I like how there were little wooden signboards with nice messages around the farm, giving the place a sense of positivity and vibrancy. The whole place was very peaceful and quiet, which added to the pleasant atmosphere of the farm.

We visited the farm on the day it finally rained after Singapore’s longest dry spell. I’m sure the rain was a huge respite from the unrelenting heat for both us humans and the plants. The cooling weather made our little tour much more enjoyable.

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1542-Copy.JPGA small brinjalA small brinjal.b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1543-Copy.JPGPai-TsaiI’m not a big fan of Pai-Tsai but these looked so fresh and yummy that I felt so tempted to munch them raw.b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1548-Copy.JPGHuge limeI’ve never seen a lime so huge before!

One aspect that I love about Bollywood Veggies is how they impart educational titbits about their farm and produce in a fun and natural way. Or maybe it’s just me, since I’m severely lacking in the botanical knowledge department, but I learnt a lot of things which I never knew about before my trip to Bollywood Veggies.

They’ll probably make a good excursion spot for students who can learn more about farming and conservation in a real farming environment. It will also be a refreshing spot for parents who want to take their children on an educational trip or to let their children get up close with botanical nature.

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1552-Copy.JPGA pineapple.JPGLearning the process of how a pineapple grows.b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1568-Copy.JPGTiny starfruitsTiny starfruits which look kind of cute.b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1570-Copy.JPGA cocoa fruitI know about Cocoa seeds but never knew its fruit looked like this! b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1586-Copy.JPGSugarcanesb2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1530-Copy.JPGAloe vera plantb2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1555-Copy.JPGSpot the animalCan you spot an animal in the picture above?b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1558-Copy.JPGHere it is!
Here it is!

The farm also had a myriad flowers blooming, adding colour and vibrancy to the lush greenery.b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1526-Copy.JPGPurple flowersb2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1587-Copy.JPGJapanese Ixorasb2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1598-Copy.JPGWhite flower
Other than the usual flora and fauna, I spotted a few trees with interesting names too.b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1608-Copy.JPGHere it is!b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1615-Copy.JPGDrumstick Tree

I am not sure what these trees are, but a drumstick tree sounds extremely appetising to me. Seeing this tree reminded me of my growling stomach, so we decided to check out the Poison Ivy bistro.b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1668-Copy.JPGThe menuIt was nearing closing time by the time we visited the place, so we decided to only get some finger food and drinks. I got the Aloe Vera drink, which was really refreshing with huge chunks of aloe vera from their very own farm.

Poison Ivy offers healthy, delicious and filling dishes which are suitable for friends and families. The next time I come back here, I’m definitely going to try their famous Warrior’s Platter! You also definitely want to order the Jackfruit Lemak which was featured in our list of Best Singaporean dishes to eat in 2014.

Bollywood Veggies Verdict

If Singapore ever had a countryside, this would be it. Bollywood Veggies provides a much-needed respite for people who are jaded by the mundane cycle of work-life back in the city. It provides a great opportunity to see a fresh side of the island, and enables people to rejuvenate their senses, connect with their friends and family, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Other than Bollywood Veggies, people can also visit the other farms in the vicinity, which is a refreshing change from facing the usual modern and minimalist concrete buildings in the city. The personality and charm of these places is something that is hard to find elsewhere in Singapore.

So go on, visit these places for a feel of natural beauty and warmth which exists right in Singapore’s own backyard.

Bollywood Veggies Address

Address: 100 Neo Tiew Road, Singapore 719026
Tel: +65 6898 5001
Opening Hours: Wed-Sun & PH, 9.00AM-6.30PM

How To Get There: Either drive there or take the shuttle bus form Kranji MRT Station. Details of the shuttle bus can be found here. Taking public transport is not advised as the bus stop is a long walk away.

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Bollywood Veggies – Singapore's very own farm and countryside

Volokh Conspiracy: On ‘being a dirty old man’ and a federal judge


Volokh Conspiracy: On ‘being a dirty old man’ and a federal judge

Patrice Wymore Flynn dies at 87; actress and widow of Errol Flynn

The Kansas-born actress began her theatrical career in musicals, making her Broadway debut in 1948 in the production “Hold It!” She was soon signed by Warner Bros. as a starlet and headed to Hollywood.

In the early 1950s, she appeared in Doris Day musicals such as “Tea for Two,” “Starlift” and “I’ll See You in My Dreams,” and had supporting roles in “The Big Trees” starring Kirk Douglas and Randolph Scott’s Western “The Man Behind the Gun.”

She played a co-ed named “Poison” Ivy Williams in the Ronald Reagan-Virginia Mayo comedy “She’s Working Her Way Through College” (1952). In 1960, she played Frank Sinatra’s girlfriend in the original version of “Ocean’s 11.”

She met her future husband when she was cast as the female lead in the 1950 Western “Rocky Mountain.” When they began filming near Gallup, N.M., the young actress knew little of the handsome Flynn, then an established 41-year-old star known for his roles in “Captain Blood” (1935) and “The Adventures of Robin Hood” (1938). He had been married twice before and was trailed by a reputation as a womanizing alcoholic. In the early 1940s, he was tried for statutory rape in a high-profile legal proceeding and eventually was acquitted.

After Ms. Wymore wed Flynn in 1950, they spent much of their nine-year marriage in Jamaica’s Portland parish, where the actor had a scenic coastal property.

Mrs. Wymore Flynn often described Jamaica as the couple’s retreat from the pressures of Hollywood. She told the New York Times in 2003, “The studio image of Errol was one thing, and he fought with it constantly. He was actually shy, a gentleman. He was a fireside-and-slippers man.”

About his heavy drinking and drug usage, she told the Times, “I never saw Errol in over his head.”

After Flynn’s death of a heart attack in 1959, the young widow briefly revived her acting career after giving it up for a few years when she and Flynn had a daughter, Arnella. Mrs. Wymore Flynn returned to Jamaica permanently in 1967, where she devoted herself to building a wicker-furniture business and raising cattle, once winning the Champion Farmer of Jamaica title.

She said she was looking for a “more enduringly satisfactory way of life” for her and Arnella, who became a model and died after an apparent drug overdose in 1998. “I always wanted to own a cattle farm when I was finished with my career. I just had no idea it would be in Jamaica.”

Mrs. Wymore Flynn, who never remarried, is survived by a grandson, Luke Flynn, an actor and model who bears a strong resemblance to his famous grandfather.

In his autobiography, “My Wicked, Wicked Ways,” Errol Flynn described his wife as an “attractive, warm and wholesome” woman who “could cook Indian curry” and dance and sing. He also wrote: “Nobody ever tried harder than Pat to make me happy.”

Mrs. Wymore Flynn told the London Daily Telegraph years later that she and her husband were frequent lunch and dinner hosts to entertainment industry figures such as Noel Coward and Albert “Cubby” Broccoli.

She recalled of her husband, “He had a wonderful talent for saying at 10 a.m., ‘Darling, we’ve got 20 people coming for lunch. There were no supermarkets in those days, but someone would always bring over a suckling pig, and someone else some fish.” She would play the grand piano as her husband looked on in admiration.

“Errol loved music, but he couldn’t play the piano or carry a tune vocally,” she said.

— From staff and wire reports

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Patrice Wymore Flynn dies at 87; actress and widow of Errol Flynn

Matt Argall Explores the Prospects of Greeting Cards Industry

MIAMI, FL–(Marketwired – Mar 25, 2014) – “What do you get when you cross poison ivy with a four-leaf clover? A rash of good luck.” These, or other more traditional jokes, wishes or sayings are printed on millions of St. Patrick’s Day cards that people sent and received all over the country on March 17th this year. St. Patrick’s Day, or “Lá Fhéile Pádraig”, as the Irish call it, is a cultural and religious holiday that commemorates the death date of Saint Patrick, the patron of Ireland, who lived from AD 385-461. Saint Patrick’s Day was made an official Christian holiday at the beginning of the seventeenth century to celebrate the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. It is a celebration of the Irish heritage and culture in general and by no means restricted to Ireland. Irish and non-Irish people all over the world dress in green, party and send out greeting cards to their Gaelic and not-so-Gaelic friends.

On average, this amounts to approximately 7 million St. Patrick’s Day cards every year. And compared to Christmas, this number is not even that impressive: Each December the USPS delivers around 1.6 billion merry wishes all over the U.S. The tradition of sending greeting cards is even older than Saint Patrick — it can be traced back to the ancient Chinese, who exchanged messages to celebrate the New Year, and to the early Egyptians, who conveyed their greetings on papyrus scrolls. Europeans started to exchange handmade paper greeting cards around 1400 and by the 1850s they had become a popular and affordable means of personal communication, mainly due to the advances in the printing technology. Louis Prang, a German immigrant, started the greeting card industry in America with his small lithographic business near Boston in 1856. Today, Americans purchase approximately 6.5 billion cards every year, making it a profitable market that Matt Argall, an avid entrepreneur, is now looking to venture into.

While printing techniques have changed over the centuries, cards are available in a multitude of different paper types and the sentiments got a more modern twist to them, the basic idea of a greeting card is still the same: Expressing friendly wishes to somebody we care about. Businessman Matt Argall has been watching the greeting card industry as a possible new business venture, and with retail sales summing up to roughly $8 billion every year, it is not hard to understand why. Despite the increase in electronic greeting cards, the popularity of paper cards has not faded. Some marketers even say, especially younger generations, who spend a lot of time during their work and free time in front of the computer, value traditional cards and continue to buy them.

Matt Argall worked for the Human Rights Commission, where he learned a great deal about marketing. In his position as treasurer and later president of the group, he was in close contact with people making donations to his human rights cause, most of which were from marketing companies’ owners. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, Matt seized the opportunity to learn from their experience. He went on to start his first own company with over 100 employees in the gas and electricity industry, followed by other businesses in a variety of trades. Matt Argall never restricts himself to one branch. He watches the markets, always ready to jump onto new opportunities. Most recently he has been analyzing the greeting card industry. We wish him a rash of good luck!

Matt Argall News: http://www.mattargallnews.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/matt_argall

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Matt-Argall/323183061170502


PR Agency


TEL: 1.800.595.0821


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Matt Argall Explores the Prospects of Greeting Cards Industry

London Comic Con

Make-up artis Clive Double transforms himself into a zombie during the London Super Comic Convention at the Excel Centre, in London, England, March 15, 2014.

Thousands of dedicated comics fans attended the event over the weekend in detailed costumes, paying homage to their most loved superheroes and characters.

All photos taken in London on March 15, 2014.

Excerpt from: 

London Comic Con

5 Myths About Treating Poison Ivy Rashes

5 Myths About Treating Poison Ivy Rashes

Sam here from Itch Juice Poison Ivy Treatment.

In this post, we’ll outline 5 myths we have found online about the treatment of poison ivy rashes. It’s amazing what some people will do to cure this awful, awful rash…but we’re here to tell you what REALLY works.

Myth #1 – You need to touch poison ivy to get a rash
A common misunderstanding that we hear and see all the time is that people think they need to come into physical contact with a poison ivy plant to fall victim to a poison ivy rash or outbreak. This is not true.

Many of our customers have returned from hikes and camping trips without ever touching a single poison ivy plant, but have suffered from ugly red welts and painful itching. If you are allergic to poison ivy and you’re near a plant, you run the risk of a poison ivy rash breakout.

The myths we have outlined below could result in further, long term damage of your skin. Please note – this article has been compiled for entertainment purposes only and we do not recommend using ANY of the treatment methods outlined below.

Myth #2 – Homemade remedies are your only option
We have found dozens of homemade remedies online that sound like methods for washing dishes, rather than addressing a poison ivy rash. Here’s an example for you:

Step 1 – apply dish washing liquid to the affected area
Step 2 – let it dry
Step 3 – apply baking soda to the area
Step 4 – apply vinegar to the area
Step 5 – expect a chemical reaction
Step 6 – remove this from the skin
Step 7 – wait 3 – 4 hours for rash to subside

Not only does this sound like a hair-brained science experiment, but it seems like a lot of effort and long waiting time for dealing with poison ivy rash. We think that poison ivy treatment should be an easy fix.

Myth #3 – Calamine lotion is the only remedy that works.
Err – wrong! We have tested dozens of the remedies that we’ve found online, including cold compresses and all of our competitor’s products.

We have found that different people have different reactions to treatment and there are a number of variables that can affect this. These variables include skin sensitivity, proximity to plant and time taken to treatment. It pays to keep an open mind about ways to treat rashes from poison ivy.

Myth #4 – Rest pennies in vinegar to create a magical chemical compound.
This is ACTUAL advice we found by looking through online forums. One reader claimed that soaking 40 pennies in a cup of vinegar and creating a chemical compound from this concoction would result in a magical cure. This is an old wive’s tale and is simply incorrect.

There is so scientific evidence to back this claim and unless you’re a chemist or like to perform science

experiments with your skin as the test subject, we strongly advise you avoid his method of poison ivy treatment.

Myth #5 – Using gasoline or bleach on your skin is a poison ivy cure.
This is another ludicrous and downright dangerous claim.

Let’s take a moment to consider the implications and danger of pouring gasoline or bleach on yourself or a member of your family. There are critical risks involved in doing this, including accidental ingestion, exposure to eyes or sensitive areas of skin and of course, the fact that gasoline is a flammable liquid.

Please do not ever try this at home.

If you’re interested in a poison ivy treatment that actually works, check out Itch Juice. It’s the ONLY product that actually guarantees results in 24 hours…or your money back.

We’re so confident our product works that we offer a 30 day, 100% money back refund with no questions asked if you’re not 100% happy.

Our Stupid Political Spring Break

U.S. Political Outlook: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatheads…

Spring arrives next Thursday, and with it the 2014 political season. Hearken to the bleating of newborn two-headed freak candidacy lambs. Watch the first tender green buds of poison ivy and deadly nightshade poke their heads through the composted manure of the nation’s electoral garden.

READ MORE A Carter Could Turn Georgia Blue

Tuesday’s Special Election in Florida’s 13th Congressional District…

May have been a harbinger of November contests… in pointlessness and cost.

READ MORE ‘Stand Your Ground’ for Felons

Former unsuccessful lobbyist (his firm lobbied for Social Security privatization) David Jolly (R) and former unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate (she lost to Rick Scott) Alex Sink (D) were neck-and-neck in race for seat left vacant by death of incumbent Bill Young (R). 

If “Jolly Sink Race” sounds like a half-ass Chamber of Commerce stunt to attract tourists, the 13th District does include Clearwater and most of St. Petersburg.

READ MORE CIA Lawyer: Release Torture Report

More than $11 million was spent on electioneering, including almost $9 million in outside money from liberal and conservative PACs. Never mind that all three politicians, living and dead, are moderates. And never mind that there will be another election for the same seat in eight months.

A campaign of no importance, for the ballot approval of doddering retirees, having a war chest of $11 million, in a congressional district with 451,557 registered voters. Do the math. Should have given them $25 each and put them in line for the Early Bird Special at Denny’s.

READ MORE Now the Good News From Florida

(Sink sank. The 13th Congressional District ship of state flies the Jolly David from its mast. If anybody cares.)

Going to Be Quite a Political Party Fight This Fall, Even If Only One Political Party Shows Up…

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“I think we are going to crush them everywhere.”

Sen. Mitch McConnell on Democrats? Nope. Sen. Mitch McConnell on Republican Tea Party-type activists.

READ MORE The Constitution Is 400 Years Old

“Mitch McConnell is, to me, the essence of the problem in D.C.”

Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes, the candidate hoping to keep Sen. Mitch McConnell from winning Senate reelection? Nope.  Republican Jim Ryun, the former Kansas congressman and Tea Party-type activist, hoping to keep Sen. Mitch McConnell from winning Senate primary.

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Rand Paul Tops Conservative Political Action Conference Presidential Straw Poll…

No denying CPAC’s predictive powers, if you’re betting the under. Previous straw-poll winners:

READ MORE Ex- General’s Jewish Problem

      2013 – Rand Paul

      2012 – Mitt Romney

READ MORE Boehner Invites Pope to Congress

      2011 – Ron Paul

      2010 – Ron Paul

READ MORE Study: End Transgender Troop Ban

      2009 – Mitt Romney

      2008 – Mitt Romney

READ MORE Fracking King’s Double-Cross

      2007 – Mitt Romney

Report From CPAC Indicates a Split Within the Split Within the GOP…

READ MORE Why the GOP Can’t Take a Joke

The New York Times, noting differences between older and younger CPAC attendees about “cultural conservatism”—and never once using the phrase “right-wing nut”—interviewed Republican Ian Jacobson.

“Known as Rooster, he was 33, with an ample beard, earrings, and a towering orange-and-aqua spiked Mohawk haircut…  ’I want us to return to our roots,’ Mr. Jacobson said.”

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CPAC Event Coincides With Beginning of Daylight Savings…

If CPAC youngsters are so libertarian, why aren’t they as creeped out as I am about the government telling me what time it is?

READ MORE GOP Mum on Spying Investigation

Earworm alert! “Does anybody really know what time it is?”

Plus, “Spring Forward” sounds like some sort of lefty progressive fundraising scam.

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Democrats, Also Wanting to Return to Their Roots, Are Trying to Attract White Males…

And are so clueless they need even my advice. Beer.  Bass fishing. Fewer tax increases and an FCC ruling requiring more hockey fight highlight reels on cable sports channels. Speaking of which—$329.94 for “NFL Sunday Ticket Max” on Direct TV?! Where’s a presidential executive order when we need one?

READ MORE Jan Brewer Says Adios

White males like rider mowers. Political ads showing Harry Reid on rider mower, mowing the Mall? No, too much danger to tourists.

Bass boats. Bow hunting for big bucks. Political ads showing Joe Biden with a compound bow in a deer stand on a bass boat? Yes, plenty of danger to Joe.

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And Republicans Are Trying to Keep Pace With Rapid Changes in Public Opinion on Social Issues…

Marijuana legalization will be on the ballot this fall in more than half of U.S. states, including some conservative states where ballot initiative may conflict with voter-ID laws.

READ MORE Yes, Lincoln Would’ve Done ‘Ferns’

      “Do you have any form of identification?”

      “Dude, I’m standing right in front of you.”

READ MORE Paul Ryan: ‘Inner City’ Men Lazy

      “I’ll need something with a photograph.”

      “Like a selfie? Cool by me.”

READ MORE Gitmo Prisoner: I Was Tortured

      “But can you prove your identity?”

      “Wow. Prove your identity. I’m like… I mean I work at this artisanal juice bar. But really I’m a drummer in a ska band. And I’ve got this idea for a app…”   

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Meanwhile Top U.S. Law Enforcement Official Pleads Nolo Contendere on Enforcing Laws…

First, Attorney General Eric Holder told the Justice Department not to apply the federal law against marijuana in states where marijuana is legal.

READ MORE Bachmann on Gay Bullies and More!

Now, Attorney General Eric Holder tells state attorneys general they can refuse to uphold state laws that, in their opinion, defend discrimination, such as laws against same-sex marriage.

“Engaging in that process and making that determination,” said Attorney General Eric Holder, “is something that’s appropriate for an attorney general to do.”

READ MORE Fl Loss Shouldn’t Make Dems Panic

Happen to agree with USAG on marijuana and same-sex marriage. But the idea of enforcing laws according to whether you like them or not seems a little loosey-goosey.

What about the law against the IRS smacking Tea Party-type nonprofits over the head with a two-by-four?

READ MORE Can Rand Make it Rain?

Top U.S. Law Enforcement Official Briefly Hospitalized on February 27th

Attorney General Eric Holder was feeling faint and short of breath. From trying to think logically?

READ MORE CIA Boss: Obama Can ‘Ask Me to Go’

Of course USAG and state attorneys general could resign in protest against laws that, in their opinion, defend discrimination. But that would mean—let’s not talk crazy talk—resigning. 

“Holder-That-Thought” in Kentucky…

READ MORE Obamacare May Miss Enrollment Goal

State Attorney General Jack Conway refuses to appeal federal court ruling against Kentucky’s ban on gay marriage. Says, “I would be defending discrimination.”

Which he would. But now Gov. Steven Beshear, who doesn’t like the law either, has to hire an outside lawyer to defend the Kentucky law, because that’s the law in Kentucky.

READ MORE Dirty Donor: I Gave to HRC Aide

And Kentuckians get to pay two attorneys—one for doing nothing worthwhile and the other for doing nothing at all.

Republicans Better Get Down on One Knee and Make a Proposal Here…

READ MORE Why Protest ‘Stand Your Ground?’

Because 53 percent of Americans favor same-sex marriage. And 53 percent happens to be the percentage of the popular vote that Republicans got the last time Republicans had a decisive victory in a presidential election. (Which would be, in case anyone at the RNC is listening, and that seems unlikely, 26 years ago with George H.W. Bush.)

Not That Some Stupid Things in U.S. Politics Aren’t Bipartisan…

READ MORE No Laughing Matter

Have been looking at the details in the bipartisan Agricultural Act of 2014. Subsidies for fruits, vegetables, and organic produce were increased by 50 percent to $3 billion, a plus for the “eat-your-spinach” Obama administration. While younger CPAC attendees get repeal of 75-year-old ban on growing and researching industrial hemp. You supply the air quotes to go around researching and industrial.

Bonus Stupidity With Potential to Cross Party Lines…

READ MORE The Charter School Trap

Senate Intelligence Committee overseeing CIA spying spies CIA spying on Senate Intelligence Committee overseeing CIA spying.

Everyone in intelligence community so busy that of course we didn’t find out about Putin’s plans for B&D hookup in Crimea. 

READ MORE Millennials Unfriend Democrats

North Korea Holds Elections…

Kim Jong-un and fellow members of the Workers Party of Korea win 100 percent of vote for 700 seats in the Supreme People’s Assembly with 100 percent voter turnout. U.S. political strategists paying close attention.

READ MORE Dems Hold Climate-Change Talkathon

Dems have much to learn from North Korean get-out-the-vote campaign.

GOP-controlled state legislatures very impressed by North Korean voting-district gerrymanders.

READ MORE Florida’s Midterm Warm Up

Move Over, Don Rickles…

President Obama’s guest appearance with Zach Galifianakis on “Between Two Ferns” impossible to avoid on YouTube.

READ MORE De Blasio: Consultant or Leader?

President: “If I ran for a third time it would be sort of like doing a third Hangover movie.”

Nolo contendere.

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